Terms and Conditions

If you cancel your trip you can find the cancellation policy below:
 Cancellation 3 day(s) or less before the tour you will get no refund
 Cancellation 5 day(s) or less before the activity you will get 80% refund
 In case of private tours or special offers, deposit fee might not be refunded
due to the terms in each specific case
Please notice that the price on the internet can change without notice yet again we
don’t change the prices after your booking.
Taxes and fees:
All prices include taxes and fees so you won’t need to pay anything extra for your
We collect your email address and phone so we can be in touch with you prior and
after your trip. However we of course do not give these information to a third party


Governing law and jurisduction:

Icelandic law applies to this. If a dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim of whatever nature arises out of or in connection with this agreement , the parties must seek a settlement, but if it is not resolved within 60 days, the dispute shall be determined by Héraðsdómi Reykjaness.